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This section of our website categorizes all of the university bookstore pages (NYU Bookstore and SDSU Bookstore, for example) of our website. These pages describe the different online options that university bookstores have begun providing students.

A Quick Look at the Changing State of University Bookstores

University bookstores are changing the way they do business with the rise of the etextbooks and the availability of additional supplemental materials online. Students no longer want to carry heavy, bulky textbooks to class when they could simply log in to a computer and access all of their course materials online. In addition, many of the online materials are significantly less expensive than physical books, making them appealing to customers and vendors alike.

Students have a couple of options when it comes to etextbooks. For example, at San Diego State University students can “rent” their textbooks through CourseSmart, where the textbook is available in digital format for as long as it is needed for a particular class and then it disappears from the student's book list. Another, more permanent option allows students to download the books in an Adobe format and they are able to keep the books saved for as long as they like.

Several other university bookstores have embraced the etextbook era, including the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Washington, and New York University. Each school varies when it comes to the availability of etextbooks for different courses, but these four are among the top universities to have a wide range of electronic resources available for students. Like San Diego State University, many also use online programs such as CourseSmart eTextbooks or CafeScribe eBooks, where students can access their materials from any computer with an internet connection. This saves students from having to worry about purchasing a tablet or other device to download the materials.

The surge in “e” textbooks and online supplemental learning materials has dramatically changed the way that university bookstores operate. These school-funded bookstores have had to enhance their websites to include information about digital textbooks, how to purchase or rent them via their online stores, and how to use them in the best way possible for the student. Whereas previously, university bookstores were primarily concerned with maintaining an appropriate stock of physical books, bookstore managers are now looking for ways to promote etextbooks and other course materials. They are also working to rapidly update databases for their etextbooks to make them easily searchable by local students using regional and school specific identification. These bookstores are also working closely with publishing companies to increase access to supplemental materials online. This transition has allowed many university bookstores to offer thousands more titles and convenient benefits than what would have been possible with physical textbooks due to their limitations.

Read Further About University Bookstores Across The United States

Use this page to the fullest by reading more detailed information featured within the pages listed below. There is a very large amount of information about all different kinds of university bookstores and topics relevant to students compiled on this page.

UVA Bookstore

University of Virginia (UVA) is home to more than 20,000 students per year. It is a high quality public university, ranking highly on many academic ranking polls such as the U.S News and World Report Rankings for public universities. The university offers 51 Bachelor’s degrees, 84 Master’s degrees and 57 Doctoral degrees; and not surprisingly,… Read More »

UTA Bookstore

The University of Texas at Arlington, commonly referred to as UTA, is one of the largest universities in Texas; with 180 degree programs and rapidly expanding research programs. The university prides itself on being technologically advanced, and the UTA bookstore is no exception. Students can choose to rent or purchase printed textbooks, or rent or… Read More »

UCF Bookstore

The University of Central Florida, or UCF, has a bookstore that is designed to serve many student needs. The UCF Bookstore is located at 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Bldg. 26, Orlando, FL, 32816; and the store has a website at Bookstore.UCF.edu. The bookstore can also be found through the main university’s website at http://www.ucf.edu/. While… Read More »

USF Bookstore

Aside from classrooms and dorm rooms, one place nearly every student will visit while in college is the campus bookstore. It provides the books and supplies needed for college life. The University of South Florida's bookstore is called the University of South Florida Campus Bookstore. However, it is usually shortened and referred to simply as… Read More »

UCSB Bookstore

The UCSB bookstore is located on the main floor of the University Center on UCen Road in Goleta, California. The bookstore is found in the heart of student activity on campus and it holds a great deal of what new and returning students need. Not only is the UCSB bookstore the official bookstore for the… Read More »

UCI Bookstore

Ranked among the top U.S. universities in undergraduate applications on a public and private level, the University of California, Irvine’s staff and faculty hold a steady focus on combining passion and enthusiasm for knowledge and research development to provide a top quality education. To take this mission to the fullest, a university with such a… Read More »

ASU Bookstore

Arizona State University is ranked among the top producers of student entrepreneurs and Fulbright Scholars in the United States. The university strives towards excellence in the fields of research and discovery. ASU has one of the most highly-regarded university bookstores with access to the latest and greatest educational materials to help the university achieve excellence… Read More »

Virginia Tech Bookstore

The Virginia Tech Bookstore is located on the Virginia Tech campus next to the Newman Library in the University Bookstore building, at 115 Kent Street. The shop can be reached online at the following URL: http://www.bookstore.vt.edu Virginia Tech’s bookstore features a full selection of new and used textbooks, Virginia Tech apparel, as well as home… Read More »

Harvard Bookstore

The Coop bookstore offers Harvard students a number of ways to purchase their required textbooks. Students can buy new, fresh “out of the factory” textbooks if they truly desire. However, the Harvard bookstore also sells used textbooks. Students and other interested parties can use their online textbooks finder servlet to find out if the Harvard… Read More »

TCU Bookstore

The Texas Christian University Bookstore is located at 2950 West Berry Street; Forth Worth, TX 76109. The TCU bookstore maintains an extensive internet presence that can be accessed through the following URL: http://www.tcu.bncollege.com Alternatively, students interested in exploring the TCU Bookstore can use the navigation available through the official TCU website to reach their desired… Read More »

BYU Bookstore

The BYU Bookstore is located at Wilkinson Student Center, Brigham Young University, University Hall, Provo, Utah. The BYU Bookstore website can be accessed at the following URL: http://www.byubookstore.com/ The BYU Bookstore allows students to search for textbooks and books by course. Not only that, but through the bookstore’s website BYU students can create and access a personalized… Read More »

UGA Bookstore

The University of Georgia Bookstore is located at 100 Baxter Street; Athens, GA 30602-1504. This address places the bookstore near the Sanford Stadium in the north end of the Georgia University campus and can be reached by foot, bike, personal vehicle or campus bus transportation. This bookstore boasts textbook services and a large inventory. The… Read More »

UCLA Bookstore

The University of California, Los Angeles, more commonly known by the abbreviation UCLA, sports a well-developed student store with a huge selection of reasonably priced, high-quality textbooks available online and in-store. The UCLA Store (including their Bookstore) is located at 308 Westwood Plz, Los Angeles, CA 90095 and their phone number is (310) 206-0810. There… Read More »

JMU Bookstore

The James Madison University bookstore, or as it is known by students, the JMU bookstore, is a full service stop for all your educational needs. The bookstore is conveniently located at MSC 2902, Harrisonburg, VA 22807. For those a little more familiar with the campus, the JMU bookstore is just off of I-81 at exit… Read More »

LSU Bookstore

The official address for the LSU Bookstore is: 110 Union Building, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. The LSU Bookstore, an appendage of Louisiana State University, is the official destination for most course-related items at the university. It features assigned textbooks, online learning packages bundled with assigned textbooks, digital supplemental course items and supplies, university apparel, gifts… Read More »

SDSU Bookstore

San Diego State University, known as SDSU, is located in beautiful southern California. More than 35,000 students study at the university each year and textbooks are a big part of student life. The SDSU Bookstore offers several options for students who wish to buy, sell or rent new and used textbooks. Both traditional and e-textbooks… Read More »

UW Bookstore

The UW Bookstore, located at 4326 University Way, N.E. – Seattle, Washington 98105, offers students several different options for purchasing textbooks, as well as eBooks. The University of Washington Bookstore even offers many free eBooks for download, in addition to standard course material. The UW Bookstore has several unique features for students to take advantage… Read More »

NYU Bookstore

The newly renovated NYU bookstore, located at 726 Broadway near Astor Place in New York City, offers numerous amenities and products to its customers. The New York University bookstore offers a variety of books for every academic discipline and class, as well as books for the general public, including mass market fiction and nonfiction books.… Read More »

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