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This section of our website categorizes all of the textbook themed pages (meaning pages about specific textbooks, those discussing free alternatives, online options, renting, discounts, etc.) of our website. The grade level of the textbooks discussed on the Free Online Textbooks Guide range from k-12 to college level texts.

A Quick Glance at Textbooks

There are a few ways of reducing these costs with online alternatives such as e-textbooks. These digital tomes reduce costs by cutting out all of the physical production costs associated with the textbook industry. In addition to their cost advantage, the digitization of textbooks has liberated the process from the economics of size. Because a digital formatted book can be delivered for the same cost whether it has 20 or 600 pages in it, this allows for the inclusion of a lot of material that does not find its way into a hard copy, which needs to concern itself with printing and shipping costs as part of its business model.

Even those books that are still offered in a traditional format have moved a lot of their content onto associated websites. This serves several purposes. From an academic standpoint, it allows students to have a lot more learning material at their disposal. Things such as interactive video presentations or online practice tests are a real advantage. From a financial standpoint, the book publishers inoculate themselves from piracy such as book scanning by making it necessary to buy access to the website that contains at least part of the course learning materials.

Some Brief Examples of Online Innovation with Popular Textbooks

The venerable Mankiw economics textbook Principles of Macroeconomics offers a good case study for how textbooks have moved online. While still available as a hardcover textbook, Principles has moved online over the past several additions. Each edition has its own connected website that offers supplemental material that matches up to the basic textbook, whether online or physical.

Elementary Statistics from Professor Mario Triola is another widely disseminated textbook that is now going through the process of digital transformation. In this case, all of the various editions of the book are quartered at a single website with distinct landing pages designed for each different edition. There is no need to hunt around for the right website among a host of confusing alternatives.

Find Textbooks and Supplemental Material by Browsing the Links Below

Use this page to the fullest by reading more detailed information featured within the pages listed below. There is a very large amount of information about all different kinds of textbooks and topics relevant to students compiled on this page.

The Art of Public Speaking

There are many textbooks that help detail the art of public speaking. However, one that stands heads and shoulders above the others is “The Art of Public Speaking” by Stephen E. Lucas. This University of Wisconsin-Madison professor and author has created a simple to read book that covers many different areas of public speaking. It… Read More »

Business Law

If you happen to be a business or law student at a university, or perhaps just enjoy learning about business and business law, then you’ve probably read (or at least heard of) the book “Business Law: Text and Cases – Legal, Ethical, Global, and Corporate Environment”, By Kenneth W. Clarkson, Gaylord A. Jentz, Frank B.… Read More »

Design Patterns

For more than a decade, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, has been a standard text about object-oriented development. Although Design Patterns was published in 1994 by Addison-Wesley Professional, it continues to be the most popular text in the categories of “Software Design, Testing and Engineering," and “Software Engineering" on Amazon. Students and professors… Read More »

Understanding Nutrition

A standard text for students in the healthcare, nursing and biology fields, Understanding Nutrition provides a comprehensive look into the role that food and supplements play in the efficient operation of the human body. Written by Eleanor Noss Whitney and Sharon Rady Rolfes and published by Wadsworth Learning, Understanding Nutrition provides in-depth materials, popular case… Read More »

Music Appreciation

While every person the world over enjoys some type of music, appreciating the art is a much different task. With all the different styles and genres available today, it can be difficult to understand the appeal of certain flavors of music. Roger and Anita Kamien’s Music Appreciation textbook gives students an introductory look at the… Read More »

Textbook Companion Websites

A significant percentage of major textbook publishers are now offering textbook companion websites to go along with the reading material in their textbooks. Taking a cue from digital learning and online education programs, these textbook companion websites offer interactive resources that a textbook simply cannot accommodate. They also provide students with customized quizzes and extra… Read More »

Cheap Textbooks

Anyone who has attended, or is in the process of attending, a university or college knows just how expensive textbooks can be. Textbooks can literally cost a small fortune. Most students don’t have the time, ability, resources, etc. available to hold a traditional job, and many of them are simply not that great yet at… Read More »

Audio Textbooks

Today, nearly every student in high school and college has become accustomed to using a textbook. College students have several ways that they can study. Some of which include: reading, hands-on or first hand experience, and listening. Audio textbooks are becoming the trend on many college campuses, since students can listen to the textbooks they… Read More »

Free eTextbooks

Free eTextbooks are revolutionizing the college scene as students take advantage of a host of free etextbooks available online. We’ve taken the time to compile a comprehensive list of over 800+ free online textbooks that you can access and read — scroll down if you don’t see the list. In a time when budgets are… Read More »

Rent Textbooks

Textbook rental services are rising in popularity throughout the world. Through various reports and studies, the results have consistently shown that students usually end up saving 50% to 75% on the cost of their textbooks over the course of a year if they use a textbook rental service rather than purchasing them at the local… Read More »

Glencoe Textbooks

Glencoe textbooks are a branch of educational textbooks from grade 6 through 12. They are a branch of McGraw-Hill and have numerous books designed to help students in various areas of their curriculum. They have several editions that get published each year or every several years with updated contented so that the newest information is… Read More »

Chemistry The Central Science

Chemistry The Central Science is a widely-used chemistry textbook written by Theodore L. Brown, H. Eugene Lemay, and Bruce E. Bursten, with Catherine J. Murphy as a contributor. The first edition of Chemistry the Central Science was published in 1977. Chemistry The Central Science has become one of the most influential chemistry textbooks ever compiled.… Read More »

Anatomy and Physiology Textbook

An anatomy and physiology textbook is useful for anyone involved in the medical profession. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and physicians assistants are just a few of the professionals who benefit from a quality anatomy and physiology textbook. These books provide essential information on form and function of the body. Approaches for teaching this… Read More »

Nursing Textbooks

Nursing textbooks are an integral part of a nursing student’s education. They are vital in providing the information a nursing student needs for quality patient care. Each college or university chooses the nursing textbooks that will be used in their nursing programs. There are other supplemental nursing textbooks, however, that will assist nursing students with their… Read More »

American History Textbook

History is quite simply the study of the past and past events, so it would stand to reason that American History is the study of the history of the United States. There are many authors and scholars who have studied American History extensively and have placed their findings in what is called an American History textbook so… Read More »

Marieb Anatomy and Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology by Elaine Marieb and Katja Hoehn is the top selling anatomy book on the market. This Anatomy and Physiology textbook is on its eighth edition; previous editions include 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, fourth edition, fifth edition, sixth edition and seventh edition. The eighth edition is the most comprehensive, accessible,… Read More »

University Physics

University Physics With Modern Physics with Masteringphysics™ 12th Edition, this textbook was written by Roger A. Freedman of University of California, Santa Barbara & Hugh D. Young of Carnegie Mellon University. Published in 2007 by Addison – Wesley, and consisting of 1632 printed pages. University Physics With Modern Physics latest edition continues with an unparalleled journey… Read More »

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

There are two excellent “Linear Algebra and Its Applications” textbooks available today that are particularly popular among Algebra students. Gilbert Strang is the author of one of these textbooks, and David Lay also has own book of the same name. Though these two textbooks are entirely different from each other due to being written by different authors,… Read More »

Myers Psychology

Perhaps one of the best textbooks to utilize in a classroom of students who are interested in pursuing the avenue of psychology would be David Myers compilation of concepts in the book entitled “Psychology”. Myers’ Psychology is currently in its 10th Edition, though the 9th Edition is still used regularly. To date, the David Myers’… Read More »

Kindle Textbooks

Amazon started marketing the Kindle DX specifically for Kindle textbooks on the DX’s new 9.7" screen. This is twice the size of the original model. The DX model is also marketed for usage with periodicals. Size was one of the largest hurdles facing the usage of Kindle textbooks, the graphics of which require expansion to… Read More »

iPad Textbooks

Technology is defining this next generation. Kids now are practically attached to a piece of technology at all times throughout the day; yes, even at night. Why fight this trend? Why not use this trend to encourage kids to enjoy learning? The best way to teach them something is to give them something that they… Read More »

Elementary Statistics

Elementary Statistics by Mario Triola was first published in 1980. Subsequent editions are as follows: the 2nd edition in 1983, the 3rd edition in 1986, the 4th edition in 1989, the 5th edition in 1992, the 6th edition in 1995, the 7th edition in 1998, the 8th edition in 2001, the 9th edition in 2005,… Read More »

Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Physics for scientists and engineers clearly explains the principles of motion by helping the student develop a fluid understanding of Newton’s Laws. This textbook begins with a series of lessons on Analyzing motion and develops this concept through multiple diagrams and review questions. Physics for Scientists and Engineers then transitions to the concept of predicting… Read More »

Teaching Textbooks

For teachers to truly be effective there is a required level of knowledge and expertise that must be passed onto the students. Teaching textbooks can offer a significant portion of the expertise and reference material that will help teachers understand the material that they will be passing onto their students. The effective organization of teaching… Read More »

Campbell Biology

College is hard enough without having to decipher the hidden messages of textbooks, especially Biology textbooks. The Campbell Biology series of textbooks help biology students perform at their best by giving them the tools necessary to achieve good grades, and finish their biology-related courses with real understanding. The Campbell Biology textbook is a great asset… Read More »

Traditions and Encounters

Embark on an incredible journey through time with Traditions and Encounters, a textbook which covers the amazing story of human achievement from its earliest appearance on earth to the present. Traditions and Encounters has a 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 4th edition, 5th edition. Traditions and Encounters chapter outlines include every major time period… Read More »

Molecular Biology Of The Cell

The definitive textbook of cell biology for the past 25 years, Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts, et al. has been popular with professors and students since the first edition in 1983. The subsequent 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 4th edition, and 5th edition have all continued the legacy of combining up to date, highly… Read More »

Mankiw Macroeconomics

Mankiw Macroeconomics textbooks are extremely popular. N. Gregory Mankiw, the author of “Macroeconomics”, “Principles of Macroeconomics”,”Brief Principles of Macroeconomics” and “Principles of Microeconomics”, is considered to be one of the leading authors for educational content on economics. His macroeconomics textbooks are published by Worth Publishers. Students should have little trouble finding a Mankiw macroeconomics textbook… Read More »

Giancoli Physics

Giancoli Physics textbooks are some of the most widely recognized physics textbooks used in today’s academic environment. Students taking a physics course either in high school or at a university level are utilizing and benefiting from the in depth educational content of Giancoli physics textbooks online and offline. Giancoli physics books focus on all of… Read More »

Kotler Marketing

Undergraduate students and those seeking their MBA have most likely read Kotler marketing literature. The enormous following Kotler marketing strategies and research have in the marketing world and in academia can be seen in the proliferation of Kotler Marketing textbooks. Many marketing management and strategy courses use Kotler Marketing textbooks. It is the most widely… Read More »

Algebra 2 Textbook Online

Algebra 2 textbooks online are sought after by many algebra 2 students each year. The enormous popularity that algebra 2 textbooks online have has only gained momentum since textbook publishers have started distributing their algebra 2 textbooks online. There are several reasons for why algebra 2 students and educators enjoy using their algebra 2 textbook… Read More »

Physics Textbook Online

A physics textbook online will typically provide a general overview of the different types of physics theories; including classical mechanics, electromagnetism, theory of relativity, thermodynamics, and sometimes quantum mechanics. There is great need for reference material when studying physics due to the enormous amount of theory definitions and explanations that need to be accurately conveyed… Read More »

Algebra Textbook Online

Students are constantly looking for their algebra textbook online. There are a variety of reasons for this: the student forgot their book, the student needs additional supplementary material, or maybe the student simply did not want to have to carry around their algebra textbook. After all, many if not all of the mathematics courses in… Read More »

NCERT Online Textbooks

NCERT online textbooks are published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, located in India. They offer a wide range of online textbooks that cover subjects like psychology, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, mathematics, history, economics and more. NCERT is responsible for the Department of Library, Documentation and Information which stocks on its shelves all… Read More »

World History Textbook Online

A world history textbook online is very helpful for students to use and refer to while studying world history. Instructors often overlook the importance of having a digital version of the world history textbook that they assigned to their students. This distinction between a hardback world history textbook and a world history textbook online should… Read More »

Expresate Online Textbook

The Expresate online textbook is for students who are taking a Spanish language class and do not want to have to deal with the hassle of carrying around a hard copy of their Expresate textbook. The Expresate textbook is published by Holt, who has now merged with McDougal to provide excellent learning materials online to… Read More »

Biology Textbook Online

Using a biology textbook online to analyze educational material is often way more convenient and efficient than using a typical “hardback” textbook. Biology is a very rewarding class that can completely change the perspectives students have about the natural world. Unfortunately, this is one subject where the size of textbooks and their weight seems to… Read More »

Geometry Textbook Online

Finding a geometry textbook online can be great time saver. Imagine never having to lug around that huge textbook any longer and never having to worry about straining your back. You will never again have to worry about not being able to finish assignments or being prepared for a test because you don’t have your… Read More »

Realidades Online Textbook

Finding the right Realidades online textbook that you need to continue your Spanish language learning journey can be time consuming if you don’t know exactly where to look. The Realidades textbooks are published by Pearson Education, a leading publisher in educational textbooks since the late 90′s. Currently, there are five versions of the Realidades textbooks:… Read More »


Etextbooks, or digital textbooks, are beginning to play a more prominent role in the education industry. There are many reasons why this is happening. One of the main reasons this is happening appears to be due to specific technological trends that are currently rising in popularity. Aside from technological trends and advancements, cultural values and… Read More »

International Edition Textbooks

International Edition textbooks are a tremendous help to high school and University students that are trying to save money whenever possible while on their road to academic success. In fact, some students often report saving as much as 75% when they buy the international edition textbook rather than purchasing virtually the same textbook at their… Read More »

Online Textbooks

Why are people so interested in cutting costs with online textbooks? Getting through college and university is not soley dependent on you paying necessary tuition fees. There are obviously other outside expenses aside from the primary tuition cost and if you are at all familiar with studying at a university then the word “textbooks” probably… Read More »

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