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This section of our website categorizes all of the textbook stores discussed at length on our website and how they differ themselves from their competitors. Saving students money is the primary philosophy here at the Free Online Textbooks Guide, so we want to help students have a better idea of the kind of service and product(s) they will be receiving from textbook stores if they ultimately decide that they must buy or rent their textbook(s).

Modern Textbook Stores are Now Digital, Convenient, and Cheap

Highly-exalted educational endeavors have no immunity to the Internet’s enormous high-tech tentacles! The instantaneous data exchange capabilities of 21st century software and web applications has enabled the instructional product innovations that were unimaginable just a generation ago. Now capitislm is at work and textbook stores are paving new grounds for educative e-commerce.

A Brief Overview of Current Major Online Textbook Stores

Many textbook stores provide students and potential customers with reviews from previous buyers, but some stores even allow students to simultaneously survey real-time price and inventory availability data from other major textbook stores. A leading example of the latter is the textbook store Campus Books. Established in 1998, this organization’s stated objective is making textbook purchases “easy and affordable [at] the lowest price[s] … and friendly service.” The site’s homepage conspicuously displays an internal search engine portal that lets pupils locate desired textbooks by title, author, keyword, or ISBN. In fact, many textbook stores provide the same search functionality as Campus Books, which is good to hear because not being able to find a specific textbook at a textbook store can be very frustrating!

Another great example of a leading textbook store is eCampus. Since its initial inception in July of 1999, eCampus.com has blossomed into a major online high school and college textbook provider. The firm’s stated mission is providing the “easiest, fastest, and cheapest” forum for textbook rental, purchase and resale.

The Textbook Marketplace is Changing

Emergent market trends portend no end in sight for the novel eTextbooks’ model. The ease and efficiency of digital product promotion, acquisition, and delivery offer incalculable benefits for all concerned parties, most importantly students. These characteristics add up to create the “New Age” equation for online textbook stores: Higher profit potential from lower prices. In July of 1995, the United States G.A.O. published a report which analyzed why textbook prices were increasing at twice the rate of annual inflation, citing the need for more customer support services, additional physical products like CD-ROMs, and expensive technology to meet with the coping demands of university as the primary cause.

Find The Best Textbook Store That Has What You Need for School, it’s Easy

Use this page to the fullest by reading more detailed information featured within the pages listed below. There is a very large amount of information about all different kinds of online textbook stores compiled on this page that will provide students with useful consumer information on textbook merchants.


All over the world, technology has replaced or is currently replacing a wide variety of the way we used to do things. Even the way college students purchase and use their textbooks has been “advanced” in numerous ways. There are now a number of ways to access student textbooks at Textbooks.com, as they have kept… Read More »


Bookbyte is an online store that allows students to buy and sell textbooks. Bookbyte offers a large selection of textbook titles and they ship orders within 24 hours of purchase. Bookbyte also has a book buyback program that allows students to sell their textbooks back to Bookbyte for money, this is called the Guaranteed Buyback program.… Read More »


With tuition prices souring, college students need a textbook website that offers textbooks at great prices. TextbooksRus.com is an online retailer that offers excellent prices on college textbooks and a wide variety of other books. High school students can find many of their assigned book titles at TextbooksRus as well. Additionally, they carry various other… Read More »

Campus Books

There is the obvious advantage of using Campus Books, such as the convenience of ordering many textbooks online and having items shipped directly to the front door of the students. The hard reality is that things are going the way of the digital divide and CampusBooks.com offers each student the unique opportunity of starting that… Read More »


eCampus is the place for college students looking for savings. Everyone knows that going to college means big expenses and textbooks are one of the most costly items that really strain the budget. eCampus offers a host of savings to students through discounted new textbooks and a host of used textbooks at a considerable savings.… Read More »


There are many ways to obtain a desired textbook now a days. From heading off to your local book store to downloading the text to an iPad, books are everywhere, and in different formats. Of course, just because there is a textbook store near you and an online download catalog located on your computer, it… Read More »


Chegg is an online textbook company that was founded in 2001. It was created by three college students in Iowa who were concerned about the rising cost of textbooks. The term “Chegg” was coined by the founders who had difficulty finding jobs after graduation. The founders compared their experiences to the chicken and the egg,… Read More »


College is extremely expensive, especially for individuals on a tight budget (aren’t we all?), and there are a large amount of hidden fees that go into receiving a higher education. Once such fee is purchasing textbooks. Textbooks often cost a few hundred dollars each, adding up to several hundred (if not a couple thousand) each… Read More »

Campus Book Rentals

College is already an expensive option for students, but then comes time to get your textbooks. The cost of textbooks has hit an all time high,and it is difficult for students to pay for them. Do not despair though, options are available to save you money. The option of campus book rentals are a growing… Read More »

Amazon Textbooks

Being a poor college student myself, I could not afford the brand new books from the bookstore. I felt like it was horrible to pay full price for a book that I might never use, or maybe just for a couple of months. Some of my friends started talking about Amazon textbooks for sale and… Read More »


eFollet is an online shopping resource for people searching for textbooks ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade. They even offer college textbooks at a great price also. The great thing about eFollet is the fact that just because you order your books online, there are multiple places you can receive your order: the warehouse that… Read More »