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This section of our website categorizes all of the courses/classes (primarily oriented towards college students, but high school and younger students will find something useful) discussed on our website. These pages commonly feature in-depth descriptions of actual college classes taught by major universities, as well as free alternatives available online.

The Classroom is Not What it Used to Be

Regardless of their motivations, there is a growing trend of free online classes that provide all of the enlightenment without any of the encumbrances of placing oneself in a formal classroom environment. Surprisingly enough, many of these free classes are offered by the biggest names in education. Harvard, to name but one, is well represented in the ranks of institutions offering free classes online. Here is a brief look at some of the opportunities available at no cost and delivered to your very own kitchen table.

Not everybody wants the sheepskin that comes with a formal college degree. In many cases, people are simply in need of the specialized knowledge embedded in some particular field of study. These are individuals who can live without the expense and bureaucratic entanglements of taking formal classes at an accredited university. It is even possible that they already have a degree, but are merely interested in a refresher course to bring them up to speed with intellectual or technical advancements in an area they studied long ago.

Examples of Classes Utilizing Online Learning

- Just as Japanese was once thought to be the new language of business, now that title goes to Chinese. This Utah State University course in Introductory Chinese allows students to find out if they are really able to handle the experience of learning an entirely new system of writing.

- A greatly informative course on Health Issues for Aging Populations offered by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

- Yale University offers a course in Environmental Politics and the Law.

- Lastly, Ivy League rival Harvard has a free online course billed as an Intensive Introduction to Computer Science using the programming languages C, PHP, and JavaScript.

The above list is merely a sample of the quality of instruction available from free online classes. These are classes taught by distinguished PhDs from top American universities in many cases, with the only primary difference between this and a normal academic institution’s brick and mortar classroom instruction is that these classes don’t necessarily come with any of the obvious adjustments that a paid education may induce, like real-life support from teachers and a hefty student loan bill.

Read More Information About Classes Currently Available Online and at Your Local School

Use this page to the fullest by reading more detailed information featured within the pages listed below. There is a very large amount of information about all different kinds of university bookstores and topics relevant to students compiled on this page.

Free Online Classes

Free online classes and course material available through the OpenCourseWare initiatives and other educational organizations and institutions are abundant. We have put together this page that condenses a majority of the most popular and FREE online college classes that students (and even teachers) are utilizing in some form. The links found on this page contain… Read More »

Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing is a very rewarding field in nursing that primarily focuses on public health and community improvement. A Community Health Nurse, also referred to as a Public Health Nurse, has many duties to serve the public. Promoting public health and safety is one of the most important parts of a community health nurses… Read More »

Abnormal Psychology

One of the most popular undergraduate psychology courses in college is the course on Abnormal Psychology. More and more universities and colleges offer this educational curriculum because of its budding status among incoming college learners. In addition to that, this is also a popular graduate degree course among people who are planning to take up… Read More »

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology covers subjects that directly relate to how students learn and interact in the school community. This field seeks to remove any mental, emotional, and physical roadblocks to learning success. Educational psychology courses are also considered to be an important part of the training of new teachers. These courses can aid teachers in learning… Read More »

Child Development

Child Development is a college course that focuses on child growth and development as ascertained through developmental assessment of young children. It is essentially one of the core classes for anyone entering the education field of study. Individuals majoring in child psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and social work will all be expected to take… Read More »

Positive Psychology

In this introduction to positive psychology, the writings of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Martin Seligman, as well as others, will be studied. Contrary to most psychology courses that focus totally on mental disorders, diseases and coping mechanisms, positive psychology also looks at those factors contributing to a person’s creativity and thriving force. Csikszentmihalyi says an individual’s… Read More »


College business majors will have the option of taking at least one econometrics course. Econometrics gives mathematical and empirical values to economic ideas and theories. It gives quantitative data to common economic procedures. As there are many contradictory economic theories, many economists perform highly regulated experiments and data collection in order to build evidence for… Read More »

General Chemistry

General Chemistry is a basic science course which explores the behavior of the smallest units of matter, atoms, molecules and their components. General chemistry also discusses many things about matter and how it interacts together. Below is a list of topics commonly covered: Phases of Matter and Principles of Matter Molecules can change to become… Read More »

Environmental Biology

Programs and degrees in environmental biology are based on sciences that relate to the environment. This is considered a liberal science so that students can explore a range of topics that pertain to their main interest. The first year or two of study consist of beginner courses such as introduction to this field and chemistry.… Read More »

Small Group Communication

Although science and math are key to success in today’s business world, an introduction to small group communication course should be mandatory for all students. Often times, students are not equipped with good interpersonal skills upon graduation from college. Communication classes help improve the soft skills, and courses that teach small group communication help students… Read More »

Political Psychology

Political Psychology is a course with interdisciplinary roots that covers the psychological aspect of how humans interact politically. It’s a broad and intellectually satisfying theme of study that draws on aspects of political science, psychology, sociology and anthropology. A course in Political Psychology typically starts with how people learn politically and develop judgment skills. After… Read More »

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics is a course designed to help introduce classic macroeconomic issues. These issues can include growth, exchange rates, inflation, interest rates, budget deficits, unemployment, and technological process. Studying this course will give you the insight on these issues and will guide you on studying the impact of a variety of different policies. These… Read More »


Psychobiology is a science in which biology principles are applied to genetic and physiological development of animals and humans. This field is also known as biopsychology, biological psychology and behavioral neuroscience. Some examples of the types of topics or ideas covered in psychobiology courses include how work stress, social isolation and socioeconomic status influence different… Read More »

Theories of Communication

Introduction to Theories of Communication is a course designed as a core study of the communications discipline. A master of this discipline must know and understand the value of theories of communication as well as the history and context in which they are often used. Students in this field must also be able to use… Read More »

Principles of Microeconomics

Many colleges include an introduction to principles of microeconomics in their core curriculums. Additionally, many principles of microeconomics courses are prerequisites for more advanced studies in business and economics. Principles of microeconomics classes focus on small unit decision making when trying to use finite resources. The small units that are typically analyzed are individuals or households (consumers… Read More »

Physiological Psychology

Physiological psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with the biochemical, structural, and physiological causes of behavior. Many people consider physiological psychology a branch of behavioral neuroscience, and the term is often used interchangeably with psychophysiology and biological psychology. Depending on the academic setting, physiological psychology material may be integrated into courses for neuroscience or… Read More »

Decision Theory

Decision Theory courses give the college student a better understanding of the cognitive, emotional, social, and institutional concepts that help influence proper judgment and choice in decision making skills. The aids and models used in this course will offer the student fresh insight into decision making in many fields such as risk assessment in the… Read More »

Plant Biology

Plant Biology is the study of plants and how they are designed, created, grow, live and survive in different eco systems. The study of plants includes how they impact earth and its atmosphere and how they grow and develop under different circumstances. An Introduction to Plant biology starts with the basics of plant life: what… Read More »

Sensation and Perception

Sensation and perception is a concept in psychology that attempts to explain how humans see and perceive their world. In sensation and perception, the former is the raw form in which humans consume their surroundings and the latter is how they digest them. Sensation and perception is a chapter typically covered in psychology 101 classes.… Read More »

General Psychology

Psychology is derived from the Greek words Psyche and logos, meaning soul and study respectively. Diverse authors define Psychology in various ways. Robert Feldman defined Psychology as the scientific lesson of mental processes and human behavior. Psychology is considered a science because it’s theories use scientific method to understand why an individual behaves in a… Read More »


The study of human language is conducted through Psychology and Linguistics. In combining these two fields, we find that detailed study focusing on the origin and logic behind language is possible. Psycholinguistics is the in-depth psychological study of language. It focuses on the origin and function of language in regards to the human brain. The… Read More »

Experimental Psychology

Being a new branch of psychology, positive psychology complements traditional psychology. Psychology mainly deals with the study of understanding the collective behavior of individuals as a group or behavior of the individual. The branch of experimental psychology is a scientific study that does not deny the value of learning how things go wrong, but emphasized… Read More »

Database Marketing

If Customer Orientation is important to a business then introduction to database marketing courses should be of interest. Databases serve as storehouses for information, so database marketing uses customer information to better serve their customers by collecting customer information, analyzing customer information and organizing it to better market their products. Database marketing classes will teach… Read More »

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications involves the message or communication delivered by a corporation to the public and entails a broad spectrum, such as management, marketing, and organizational communications. It encompasses communications that are internal, to employees and others with interests within the company, and external messages to such audiences as the public, government, and the audiences. Individuals… Read More »

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification courses are required for anyone who is majoring in psychology at a college or university. It is also required by most education programs and who want to enter service orientated careers may also need to take this course. The class covers such topics such as how to deal with different personality types, what… Read More »

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior basically studies how consumers think, feel and respond to products, as well as how they feel about the brands and manufacturers of these products. The business analysts study what these influences thoughts and behaviors have on the market, the motivation, as well as what impact they have on strategies and priorities of consumers.… Read More »

Interpersonal Communication

Communication is a necessary tool for survival. Success is achieved through a variety of means, but is rarely, if ever, achieved without communication. The Interpersonal Communications courses will introduce the student to the history of communication theories and the tools needed to succeed in social and academic arenas. The courses will emphasize various communication behavior… Read More »

Marketing Research

Introduction to marketing research is a vital part of understanding the basic concepts behind the research involved in business marketing. Marketing research is the procedure of gathering and analyzing data relating to demand for a good or service in a particular market. It is not only concerned with finding out weather the customers will purchase… Read More »

Business Communication

As the world of business continues to evolve, so does the world of communication. Proper education will only enhance the way business is conducted on a worldwide scale. Technology is taking business to the next level as well as challenging traditional business models. A degree in business communication will prepare any student for an exciting… Read More »

Social Psychology

Social psychology is one of the numerous disciplines of social science, which deal with the study of human condition in general. It is concerned with how mental and social processes influence action and involves the interaction between sociological and psychological processes. Social psychology students learn about how people express themselves and the things that make… Read More »

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is a field of finance that deals with the financial decisions business organizations make and the techniques and analysis applied to make these decisions. The principal objective of corporate finance is to make best use of shareholders’ worth, while administering the organization’s financial risks. Corporate finance and managerial finance are closely related disciplines,… Read More »

Financial Management

An Introduction to Financial Management is an important first step to planning your financial future. By enrolling in this class, you are learning how to invest your money for retirement. You will also learn how to balance a checkbook, how to manage a 401k, and what kind of investment strategies are best for your future.… Read More »

Online Classes

Online classes, previously held in contempt by academia, have been growing rapidly in popularity. They save students and universities money and time, but they also offer other advantages. Due to these numerous advantages the number of online classes available has grown exponentially since early-2000. These classes allow students to work on their own time, with… Read More »