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Thousands of Students Rallied in Sacramento for Reducing Costs of Higher Education

Recent news has taken place in the realm of free online textbooks! On March 5th, several thousands of students took to marching for a mile long rally from South Side Park to the Capital Building in Sacramento, CA all to promote lowering the costs of higher education. The rally could definitely be seen as a… Read More »

Students Are Using Facebook To Buy And Sell Textbooks

It makes perfect sense. Textbook exchanges between groups of students have been around as long as colleges have been around. All students need to do is to create a direct “marketplace” to buy and sell their textbooks directly between each other and cut out the middle-man, the middle man being the campus book stores in… Read More »

A Creative Textbook Buyback Idea That Needs More Attention

It is quite apparent that the entire textbook publishing model is beginning to make some much-needed changes. The traditional textbook publishing model is adapting in an attempt to become more compatible with the current digital learning technologies available. This is truly a major “revolution” of sorts, and thus we can expect these adaptations to gradually… Read More »

Most Students Prefer Selling Their Textbooks Online, But Some Don’t

With more and more textbook companies popping up to serve the “online” marketplace, the competition is getting to be pretty darn fierce. One of the major benefits of this intense competition is the fact that it tends to force consumer prices down. This is great news for cash-strapped students. Low textbook prices makes a lot… Read More »

Are Some Tablets Better Than Others for eTextbooks?

A very common question that potential buyers of tablet/e-reader devices have is, “What’s the best tablet to use for my textbooks?” It’s a daunting question too. Ebook reading devices like the iPad and Kindle are expensive, contain different technologies, and have their own limitations on certain etextbook formats. Consequently, students and parents are apprehensive to… Read More »

The Science Techbook from Discovery Education Makes Debut!

Discovery Education (a division of Discovery Communications) is taking a big leap forward in the realm of digital textbooks. Say hello to Discovery Education’s “SCIENCE TECHBOOK"! This new digital textbook has a suite of AWESOME features for science students (and teachers) in elementary and middle school grade levels, according to Discovery Education’s website. In the… Read More »

CourseSmart Helps Colleges Understand The Benefits of Using eTextbooks

I’ve discussed on here before about the HUGE need for digital learning training programs that are catered to school administrations specifically. Current trends are suggesting that students of all ages are seeing the value in using eTextbooks and other digital learning materials both on and off-campus, and slowly but surely it seems that the majority… Read More »

Online Textbooks Written By Teachers

Anyone that has gone through higher education at some larger public universities has probably encountered a professor or two that has written their own textbook. The problem that most people have with this is that they believe it could present a conflict of interest, as the teacher receives compensation for every textbook sold. Therefore, many students question the true motives… Read More »

Exciting News Regarding Pearson Online Textbooks and Kindle e-Readers

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we are starting to see a fair amount of established textbook companies partner with newer tech startups. I’d imagine these publishers realize digital learning is quickly becoming a classroom reality, so they are looking for partners to handle the innovative digital delivery of their academic content. Pearson… Read More »

No, Textbooks Should Not Cost $200!

In my daily browsing I came across an article on MSN by Liz Weston. In this article, she brings up some really good points about the textbook publishing model as a whole. What I found particularly interesting was her statements about textbooks STILL being fairly expensive essentially due to the secondhand/used textbook marketplace gaining in… Read More »

Kno And 20MM Working On Web 2.0 Enhanced Open Source eTextbooks

I’m surprised that it took me a few weeks to hear about this GREAT news coming out of Sacramento, California. As we’ve discussed a few times before, Kno is an educational software company that is truly “walking the walk” in terms of getting interactive online educational material in the hands of as many teachers and… Read More »

South Korea Is Digitizing Their Textbooks!

Most people are aware that South Korea is an industry-leader in modern technological advancements and implementation. South Korea has taken their innovative spirit directly to the classroom in an effort to provide reliable and convenient access to textbook materials in a digital format. SK’s Minister of Education stated that he believes digital textbooks will help… Read More »

Pearson’s OpenClass Brings Innovative Technologies Together For Educators And Students

When I first read the press release by Pearson discussing their new “learning management system" – called OpenClass – I found myself both excited and doubtful at the same time. Excited because new learning technologies are needed so desperately in today’s academics, but I worried whether or not OpenClass could really be something that changed… Read More »

Oak Harbor School District Budget Cuts Halt New Textbooks

Oak Harbor School District in Washington is facing unfortunate stalls in replacing old, outdated textbooks. The school district, like so many others across the nation, has been experiencing widespread budget cuts due to federal and state legislation. Now the decisions made by those higher up are starting to affect students and their education. The article… Read More »

Proposal For More Textbooks On Reserve At Santa Monica College Library!

Santa Monica College students may be receiving new textbooks for their library’s reserve soon! A great article at The Corsair documents how an A.S. (Associated Students) board meeting heard a proposal by the school’s Director of Instructional Support, Marco Vivero, about the possibility of buying more textbooks to be put on reserve. It’s my guess… Read More »

iPads For Elementary School Students On The Horizon

The Encinitas Union School District (in California) is taking exciting new steps for students, with a proposal pushing for new technology in the classroom. The school district plans on introducing iPads to grade schoolers throughout the next couple months. “The trustees said they were excited about the changes and what they will mean to students… Read More »

Kindle Textbook Rental Now Available!

Amazon has just announced that they are expanding upon the Kindle platform with Kindle Textbook Rental. This is an exciting new turn for Amazon and students who own and utilize Kindles for academic use. Renting textbooks is something that many students have seen before; however, with the already enormous backing that Amazon has, this could… Read More »

Students Believe Tablet Computers and Digital Textbooks Are Cool

Came across a great article by By Bertha Coombs over at CNBC.com: “Tablets make digital textbooks cool on campus”. Inkling and McGraw Hill partnered with Abilene Christian University and provided several of their classes with iPads and iPad textbooks. This case study was a part of the University’s three year old “mobile learning initiative”. After… Read More »

Kno Textbook App Launches With Early Bird Program

Kno’s CEO is Osman Rashid. His name might sound familiar as he is the co-founder Chegg. Kno originally had created a dual-screen tablet, but eventually let the hardware project go in order to focus on providing digital textbooks that are affordable and online textbooks that are accessed through today’s hottest gadgets: Tablet computers! The Kno… Read More »

Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Simple Touch Beats The Kindle!

I was in the middle of my daily online textbooks reading. I came across an article by Rosa Golijan at digitallife.today.com, and it looks like the Barnes and Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader beat out the Kindle in a recent Consumer Reports showdown. More competition in this sector just means more innovation and additional convenience… Read More »

Open Textbooks Are An Ideal Solution, But Are They A Realistic Solution?

I highly recommend checking out the University System of Georgia’s webpage on open source textbooks at: http://www.usg.edu/facultyresources/resources/open_textbooks/ I feel that they really capture the true definition of — AND — the benefits of, open source textbooks. These online textbooks are commonly referred to as open educational resources or OER. The gang over at http://www.studentpirgs.org/textbooks-reports/a-cover-to-cover-solution released… Read More »

Inkling, McGraw Hill, Barnes and Noble OH MY!

Just had a really good article by Mercy Pilkington over at http://www.goodereader.com pop up on my radar discussing Inkling and all of the benefits that this start-up is going to bring students and the education industry as a whole. If you don’t already know, Inkling has combined with the powerhouse textbook publisher McGraw Hill to… Read More »

Student Attitudes Towards Textbook Rental Services Very Positive

The following story by Chloé Morrison at Nooga.com reflects the “student attitudes” towards skyrocketing textbook prices across the world. Students are often left spending their time reading websites all day trying to compare textbook prices. A senior sums his thoughts up in the article: UTC senior Roland Chapman has spent as much as $300 a… Read More »

Top Textbooks Publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson Invest in Inkling to Bring High Quality Digital Textbooks to the iPad

Do you own an iPad? Well, if you ever have thought of using one for school than you are in luck. Major textbook publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson have announced recently that they have invested in a new iPad application called Inkling. This revolutionary new product from the San Francisco based company of the same name… Read More »

Textbook Funding in California is Dwindling as School Districts Weigh Options for Digital Textbooks

The Sacramento Bee has a new article about California school districts cutting textbook funds. The Bee reports that textbook funding in the four county region around Sacramento has been significantly decreased. The cause of this is said to be from the general lack of educational funding in California. School districts in Sacramento have found it… Read More »

New Engineering Textbook Includes Video Animations, Video Tutorials, And Solution Manual For Students

Engineering students and educators have a new approach to learning. A professor from Kettering University, Dr. Bassem Ramadan, has teamed up with fellow colleagues Dr. Merle Potter and Dr. David Wiggert, both Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University (MSU) to incorporate several new aspects of learning for engineering students in their textbook Mechanics of Fluid.… Read More »

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